Newbie Alert!!!!


Hey guys,
Obviously I'm new to the board. I've been lurking for a few days now. I don't own a Busa, I actually have an OLD 1989 FJ 1200 that I've been riding for about 2 years now(sort of the Hayabusa of the 80's I guess) that I'm riding the crap out of. Next bike will definitely be a Busa though. Not much else I can get, and I won't go from a 1200 to anything smaller. I love having torque and roll on power and being 6'2, I make literbikes look like scooters. No good. I've noticed a few of you guys in the Tampa area, I work in St. Pete.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Great board, look forward to hanging out with ya
The sooner we can crupt you into buying one the better. It is definatly a totaly diffrent ride than you have ever had.

Yeah, the FJ had some AWESOME roll on figures and torque for days, but you had to REALLY try to get it to wheelie, and then it would most likely blow it's fork seals on they way down. I've never had the front wheel up, instead it just spins the back tire. Mine has a Stage 3 dyno kit, 1 mm overbore (not a big deal) 4-1 exhaust, and geared down 2 teeth in the back. It scoots pretty good, but it's no Busa. The Previous owner rolled it and destroyed the fairing, so I've never had one, and it's kind of rough looking...okay, it's ugly, but It really comfy and scoots real well. I ride 60 miles a day round trip to work. I will probably never get rid of the FJ cuz it's just a cool bike, but I'd love to add a 'Bus to my stable.

I'll be ripping the FJ apart in the near future and giving it a freshening up. Repainting the frame, replacing all the soft pieces, getting a fairing and making it pretty again. The motor was rebuilt less than 3000 miles ago, now the rest needs freshening.

I look forward to talking more with you guys and having you goad me into buying a new bike...
Hey NAB....welcome to the board.......FJ1200.....Busa.. they're all the same.......JK dude... ride one and you will buy one.
They are awesome.
They'll probably never admit it if you ask 'em, but I asked guys on the FJ board what they thought of Busa's, and all the one's who responded said it was a religious experience. The power was just NUTS...and the FJ had more roll on power than a lot of bikes that were made for years after it, so that's saying something. These guys are hard core FJ nuts, and they were saying good things about the Busa. I feel kinda weird wanting a Suzuki, but hey...I can change!
Now, I just have to convince the wife....
The new FJ1300's are getting pretty lukewarm reviews just before their release this summer. Too tame is the most often commented phrase. I guess if you're talking in RELATIVE terms to other competitors, I might buy it, even though the stats being tossed around are pretty gosh darn impressive. However, I usually cringe at any bike in this class that comes STOCK with factory bags, for two reasons.

1. They usually suck hairy sweating arse compared to aftermarket-quality units.

2. They scream out "I was designed to be a lazy tourer from the get-go" to me. I can't put it in more logical or concrete terms, but something just sits wrong with me putting bags on an open class bike stock from the factory. Don't get me wrong, I'm ordering my Beetle Bags for my Busa next season, but I'd rather be the one to do the "taming" on my own than buy one that I feel was DESIGNED to be already tamed...and the reviews I read are calling the engine's power curve way too linear and ho-hum. While I've never agreed with FAULTING a nice, straight throttle power line, I do like it when a design has a special sweet zone where the thing seems to get an extra burst of life in a certain range, as long as there isn't a trade off somewhere else... To each, their own...
Welcome aboard.

There is a lot of Good Info here, and not all of it Busa Specific...
I was excited about the Fj1300 at first, but then I saw it and changed my mind. My dad rides a Goldwing and the 1300 reminded me of that too much. I like the windscreen, and if I wanted a serious Tourer, I would seriously look at it. I prefer the 1200 to the 1300 cuz it's more..."rowdy" I guess would be the best word. The Air-cooled engine sounds like a tractor, it's got KILLER roll on power in any gear, it rattles and buzzes all the time and it doesn't complain when you romp on it.

I'm with you on the saddlebags thing. The 1200 didn't Come with bags, but you can get them. I personally just use a backpack to get to work and back, but I've tossed around the idea of getting bags for the bike, and I may if I get a Busa. I'll make the FJ my dedicated tourer and the Busa my play bike.

It'll be a while before I can get a new bike, I've got a 4x4 collecting rust in my driveway and a bunch of other projects I have to finish before it can be considered. But that doesn't mean I won't be here daydreaming about it all day.