Newbie 1340 BKing :D


new UK member here.
2008 BKing in black. Love this bike and had it since feb this year.

Been riding a little over 3 years now and this is my second bike. First bike was a baby King (GSR600)
The King has always been my dream bike since before I even had a licence. I was even a member at before I had a licence :lol:
The forum members there advised me against the bike as a first bike and glad I took the advice or I defo wouldn't be here now :race:

about the bike

Bought stock apart from the braided lines and lowered (more on that later)

1340cc but you probably know that :laugh:
Hel braded lines
Twin CF yoshis
decat pipe
K&N filter
airbox mod
ecu editor remap.
currently 183bhp at the wheel with 113ft torque.
12v socket
spare pillion cover seat converted for top box when touring
tank lock ring for tank lock bag when touring
160mp tank on the motorway
75mp tank when Im naughty :lol::laugh::whistle:


Bike as it is now


Nice arse :D


Dyno :)


When I got it
Bike had 4 owners previously before me
I got it on 8k miles and hated it when I got it. Bike handles really badly and couldn't figure out why?
Decided to have it set up before flogging it and hanging myself and the suspension guy said it looked really low.
A bit of digging and found that someone fitted lowering links and didn't bother setting up or altering anything else. So dropped arse. Made the bike stand up in corners REALLY badly.
Ordered standard length bones and the change was magical! rear raised 2" BACK TO STANDARD. No wonder all the previous owners flogged the bike away so quickly :(


Bike lowered


Bike standard :)

The missus at Santa Pod drag strip :)


Top Box King


King and Junior :) Poor Junior got sold. I miss that bike sorely. It was a great bike and awesome in the corners :)


The missus' Honda VFR400NC30 1994. Not bad for a 20 year old bike

That's about it :)
Welcome, I noticed that top pic,...was it on ebay once?....Have to say I am very much a Bking fan, It is originally what I wanted to get but as luck would have it I was able to get a busa, "which I should state I am happy with but feel I need to go over it and clean it and tune it and make it nicer," But Still very envious dude, Also a uk rider here! :)

Also did the same thing with the top box too :p lol
Former B-king owner here. Great bike! Had mine in the 9's at the Track. Have a busa now, but miss my B-King. Welcome!