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New years here is a really big deal. Fire works is the name of the game. People go nuts! Drove home tonight about 9:30 and smoke is everywhere allready. The fireworks thing I think goes back to the asian influance here ... scaring away the spirits ... parties about every 10 houses and everyone from lttle kids to Grandma has a lighter in their hand. Its starts about sundown slowly and builds to a frenzy of explosions at midnight. Well gang, I hate to tell ya but the weather here is SICK! ( in a good way ) Should be sunny tomorrow like it was today, 83 degrees! HOT for full gear anyway finally finished the sanding & polishing of the front rim ( sorta finished but my fingers were tired and I wanted to ride ) So I got 2 new tires on all spit shined up and ready to ride NY day. I burned the old tire before pulling it and would you know the batteries went dead on the Digit cam so I pulled this pic from the video cam. I hope to hook up with about 10 guys NY morning and ride about 300 miles. ( we will see who shows up ) This will be breaking a 15 year tradition for me as I allways surf on new years day and listen to U2. Hmmmmmm maybe I'm growing up ------- NOT! anyway have a great & safe Holiday and lets hope for some good times in 2003. - Aloha (this shot was taken today .)

Nice smoke show !! Have a safe ride, Have one planned myself NY day hell of a way to ring in the NEW YEAR isn't it.

Happy New Year !!!!!!!



Must be nice it's 53 and rainy here in Georgia.
Happy New Year, Kent
Cool shot Hawaii..

I guess this is your last NY there unless you travel there for it isn't it?

Maybe you should have rode, and surfed.. invent a surf board carrier that attached to the bike or something.

In a word : SAAAAAAAWEEEEEET! Todays ride was awesome. Left the house about 9:30 am rode all day covered about 200 miles or so all kinds of terrain & roads. Really wish you all were here. - Aloha Does anyone know how to make several pics in one post?

Some of that haze is from the Volcano when the south wind blows & some is from all the fireworks.

Beautiful day out Kent I still can't beleave that you are going to leave all that behind and move to the states(haha) I mean the the main land, lower 49 or what ever you want to call it here. I know that only being able to visit HI is totally different then living there for 15 years(that is how long you have been there, right?)
Does anyone know how to make several pics in one post? [/QUOTE]
Anyway the way I do it is I just open my upload center in a different window and just switch back and forth copying and pasteing urls. Just click "Image" for each picture and hit enter between each one or I think they will line up side by side instead of up and down. On the first one you will see the IMG bracket but you won't see the next one until you paste the url and hit enter.
Thanks for the awesome picture. I've never been to Hawaii my self. Are you really leaving Hawaii. In one way it's good because you'll be closer to us but then you'll be so far from paradise. Oh know best

Those are great pictures. Thanks
Thanks Jim, Thinker & Swan, I've been here in rainy Hilo 18 years  & 9 years in Honolulu before that. Yep it is awesome here but after doing everything I mean everything here at least 50 times or more its time for some new horizons. Plus I'll still have my company here so I'll be back & forth.

I will be sure and post more rain pics so you will understand what I mean when I say it rains BUCKETS here!
nice pics man.. Glad someone has that nice of weather..
11 degrees this morning when I came in to work.
I will be sure and post more rain pics so you will understand what I mean when I say it rains BUCKETS here!
I know what you mean. I went out there with some friends and we stayed at the Waikoloa Beach Hilton. One day we drove around to the Hamakua Coast. When we left the hotel there wasn't a cloud in the sky but once we got to the other side of Upolu Point it got very cloudy and rained the buckets that you talk about. I just can't get over the difference in weather in that short of a distance.
Thanks for the pic's. The unfortunate part for me is we got 5+ inches of snow last night. Shoveled snow at 5: am. Summer or south Florida can't get here soon enough.


Boy I could use some of that sun and warm weather..... Im tired of snow...... All this cold weather has me climbing the walls!!
And yes that is me on the side of the building....