New TV show pitting different types of racers...

Ok.. I am a pretty avid fan of F1 and GP2 racing as well as WSBK and GP racing... Not a fan of Nascar...

Anyhow this weekend I was watching the GP2 AND F1 racing at Silverstone and a commercial flashed across the screen that would pit different types of race car drivers against eachother in different cars and courses...

My interest in this is pretty large since I went to school in NE PA where they think that the only kind of racing is NASCAR... I had countless arguments on who are better drivers... I feel that this show would really show them how technically skilled the F1 drivers are compared to any NASCAR driver...

I even think they may have some Moto GP racers on the show as well... (Hopefully)...

Does anyone know the name of this show and what network its going to be on??? I gotta watch this and finally have the damn NASCAR fans shut their drunken mouths about F1...

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