New Trailer Tie downs


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I got a new trailer and need some info on what people use to tie down bikes in their trailers. Mostly what I need to know is what to use for wheel chocks and then what you use in the floor for tie downs. Ive got to buy enough to tie down 4 bikes so cost is also an issue.
Canyon Dancers are popular, but I think they run $20-25. Nothing wrong with the standard tie-downs that run $5 at Autozone.
Canyon dancer is the best, but you still have to buy straps to tie it down.
Get the ratchet straps, NOT the push button realease type.
Tie a bike down in the same spot on the trailer every time and the push button release type of strap will get worn and slip while you are traveling.
The ratchet type will never do that.
at some point I would recommend getting 2 baxley sport chocs... they work great on , and off the trailer... but they are pricey...

other than that.. I use 800pnd load rated ratchet type straps.. 2 up front, and one over the rear wheel of each bike.

this pic was before I got the sportchoc.. but you get the idea.

I do basically the same thing with the sport choc.. just not as tight...

i run it up thru the inside of the fairings.. over the top of the triple, and back down.. it puts the pressure straight down thru the triple to the front shock.. and the clip on brackets keep it from sliding off or whatever.

Also.. I put rags in between the strap and the bike where they touch to keep from rubbing/scratching things..

especially watch where your buckle is.. I've got a place on my front fender where it dinged it at some point.. taking it off, or putting it on or something...
The only way to go. Just two straps around the rear pegs and the bike is rock solid.


Charles at street & track may be able to get them.  I seen on here someplace he was selling them $209.00
they can be used on a trailer and taken off and used in the garage.  Keeps the bike straight up and makes it easy to use a rear stand.

you will have it in just a few days from baxley.

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I have 4 tie down straps you can use kevin

they are the push button type and are less than a yr old and only used ONCE to haul the bike to cleveland in the back of a truck with no tailgate and MAYBE slipped 0.5" of total tightness the entire trip.

The only time I've ever encountered slippeage from the push button type are when they are really old.

I also have a cayon dancer also.

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I could also probably borrow 4 more from my dad if you want to use those also.
Use hookless straps too ensure it wont fall. They are a loop and cannot come unhooked when used with a canyon dancer and an eyebolt.