New Track day pics


Well I have my pics from the last track day........for your viewing pleasure. I am normally the only Busa rider on the track every time we go too!!!!!! I know some of you Texans know where TWS is.

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I have a few more but the are so-so. I wish this guy would've gotten more pics in the apex rather than entry and exit. He did take some good pics a CD slide show and a few little cool CPU geek things along with seven pics for $30. Not too bad....they were charging $25 for a print so I'll print em myself.

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Damm I can't wait for Drag racing season to be over.
I am dying to find out what a little boost would do

Oct. isn't too far away
Well, Busahigg I am dissapointed in you, No wheelies?  You? WTF?  I mean if your being lapped by Lil Guys on 750's the least you can do is go down in style....

Yeah, I am just playing, you look good out there, looks like a damn good time.  Good Pics as well.  Not to mention good experiance.  Makes me want to go get another Busa and tweak it a bit just for track days...Yeah I wish...

Good stuff bro...
hey busahigg, email me about where in texas you are. maybe we can hook up and ride some time
I love it!  I KNOW you had fun.  
 Did you really 'pass the 1000' in a corner?  What level is your track experience?  I'm debating whether to 'track' the Busa on occasion or not.  I'm a track newbie, but agree would rather ride on a track than street... you can just take it to redline all over the place!  

More pics please! Did you raise your pegs for this?

For the wannabees: FREE intro track time at
if you sign up for free, you can get 2x 20 minute sessions on a track near you for free.  No, I don't work for them or anything, it's just a sweet deal if you never been on a track before
Lumpy, I'm at Fort Hood. We get down to San Antonio from time to time. PM me and I'll give you my number. should definitely go. You don't have to do anything other than set your suspension. It'll take a few track days before you scrape a peg. And even then it's only from time to time. You can get your knee down without scrapin pegs.