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Well I havent posted it yet but this was a gift from dear ol Dad recently and I gotta admit it pretty cool and fun to drive.

1968 - 327ci - all stock

Dad is a collector and this wknd we did a car show we had 10 cars there for exhibit only as judging would be much more complicated and time consuming.

Here we have Dads : 41 chev coupe, 66 Impala SS 327, My Chevelle, and his 65 Convert.

Dads 59 Titanic uuuuh I mean Cad. This thing is 3 ft longer than my Chev ext cab truck!

This was alotta fun, high $ event, I got in on free food & grog. About 200 cars, MG, Jag, Porshe ... very cool but I must admit I kept dreaming of me & the Busie out on Hwy 36 again... soon very soon.

Very cool! I love vintage cars like that. Especially the old chevy muscle cars, camaro, chevelle, nova, etc etc...

My dad has a 68' SS Camaro, 64' El camino, 67' chevelle, and I just recently sold 2 69' SS Chevelles for him lately...

My brother has a "MINT" 67' Camaro that is very rare. It has power windows, locks, and seats from the factory!  

I have a 69' Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.

I love old cars like this, but when you get bit by the Hayabusa Bug, then it is all over....  There is only 1 true love after that.  :D
very nice there kent... when is the next show. i'll come out there and visit and check out some cars.
Dude, Cars look sweet...But especially the Red Caddy. Man, I have wanted one of those forever...