New Toy


Just brought my new 'busa home last Friday, in the rain. Nothing like 170+ hp, new tires, and rain slick roads to ride on. Anyway, it's pretty much rained or snowed everyday since I brought it home so I haven't gotten a good chance to break her in yet.
I got a good deal on an '02 (new) leftover, black LE. I graduated from a Bandit 6 (slight difference).
I'm getting a lot of great ideas from you guys about mods. Thanks.
Welcome to the board. Sounds like the day I got mine. I made the jump up from a CBR 600. Pouring down rain, new tires, a lot of HP and know that the roads are going to slick. I was very glad when I got the bike home that night. The one and only time I was glad to get home and park the Busa.
Hope the weather gets better soon. Injoy
Welcome to the Board and Congrats on the new bike!!!


You probably got that Stupid grin on your face that does not want to go away

Still Sporting mine


Congrats on the bike. Reminds me of bringing mine home. One hour ride, 40 degrees, no gloves or jacket. Frozen all over, but have since thawed, except for the goofy grin, it's still there.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA welcome to the board! I bought mine in the dead of winter and i remember waiting and praying the sun would come out so i could really get out and put some miles on it.