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After comming to the conclusion that I will most likely eventualy crash while trying to improve my cornering skills I decided the bike that I wreck CAN NOT be my '08. So I found what i think to be a good deal on a used K5 GSXR1K.
I will be picking up here in the next couple days and paying $5,500 for it. What do you guys think? I know it doesn't have any orange on it, I hope that doesn't slow it down.


well it's not like im going to be happy about it but losing the busa would be like one of my dogs getting hit by a car...
well not quite but still pretty bad


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or that zx-10 another member got as a repo with only 480 miles on it for 4500... im jealous oh and thinking about it .. if my brother sells his 03 gsx1000r i will see what they offering him as a trade in (he lives in the country has to drive the company truck back and forth to work and has not rode in like 2 years but he wont get rid of his custom ufo vmax) on a 4 wheeler now he has 30+acers to play on. and if the price is right i might just buy it off him


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Should not be a problem crashing that one, Being Black and all it wont go fast enough to worry about cornering. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Did I just go there.


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I had one just like that. Took it on a wild ride throught the black berries so it can happen.

I'd suggest getting rid of those PP's if you intend to use it as a corner weapon!

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