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Thinking about buying. Dont know enought about turbo. I'm willing to put money in to complete, but dont know if its worth the trouble. Has a cracked manifold and no swivel pickup for the oil pan. Says it's a hayns. For gen 1 stock motor 7 psi. I dont know what else to ask to figure if its worth $1000. Also says it need a hotside. Any help appreciated. Thanks jeff.



Bigboy Busa2

Buying new or complete would be best. Absolutely. But now at $900. I really wouldn't mind nickle and Dime part if I was installing now. But not going to with my other project. Nobody here can deny the experience/learning curve/understanding of something better than to buy something like this incomplete. I just wanted advise about turbo. Like what bearing, steel/aluminum parts, quality of the items. Stuff I dont understand about turbo. Hopefully homeboy coldbusa will have mercy on me and work out a deal.

Mr Brown

I've done what you're looking for advice about and I absolutely, unequivocally would not do it again. It seems cheap, but you'll end up spending far more in the end. Buy a used kit complete from a trusted source (coldbusa is exactly that) or buy a new complete kit from Rob at boosted cycle performance or Frank at powerhouse. You can install it yourself if you're interested in learning more about how, but that way you'll have everything you need for boost in one place.


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Are turbo kits compatible between gen1 and gen2? I thought you had a gen2 and @Bigboy Busa2 had 3 gen1s
Good point! Yes mine is for a gen 2. Throttle bodies are different, and fuel rail/injectors would not work. Plenum can be modified to work, but the fuel rail wouldn't.
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