New to the site...


Hello everyone! I'm new to the site, but an old one on ODFU, NESR and SRNE. I'm wondering is the site is reserved for Hayabusa bikers only?
I "only" ride my brand new 2003 Ninja 250, the yellow one is the faster of course...LOL

I'm located in Springfield MA. Anyone want to ride? ;)
Hi....welcome to dot org . There are folks on here who dont even own bikes , so I cant see any 1 having a problem with you . Besides...we need fresh meat for the grinder...kiddin'.
This is just about one of THE friendliest site on the net (my opinion anyway ) sure we gripe at one another from time to time...but mostly we're just one big happy DISfunctional family....hee hee hee.....
Have a gr8 day.....RSD. least I got one to welcome me! LOL Thanks... ;)
Welcome aboard, I do not belive that Busa ownership is a requirement for hanging out. Like RSD mentioned there are several member who do not even own a bike right now.

I imagine it's quiet out here right now because everyone is out riding, I wouldn't take it personaly.

We love to see the bikes, so post pictures when you can.

Revlis least I got one to welcome me! LOL Thanks... ;)
no worries...U just is after all "the weekend".

Monsta , Rev , Ripper , Cache , Ninja Eater , BravRifl ,the boys frm Portugal , ETC ETC , all the boys....

an' the girls...Flyin' Swan an' company....

they will be sayin' howdy soon enuff...dont despair...
Here is another welcome......From PaceMaster....52 years old and love my Busa so much much it's just sickening...
obssessed....addicted...whats next...Laguna trip is gonna be "Unreal"...will help calm me down..Got full "givi" bag setup
bar risers....and a 160 imagined rear wheel horse power...
pure love...ride well ....
Here's another welcome from me!

I don't get time to scan the boards themselves too often... but I had to toss you the welcome because you're from my home state!
LOL...thanks guys! I'm not worried!
But I have to admit...I feel a little bit "different" far all I see is Hayabusa's owners!

So anyway, let me introduce myself: I'm Veronique, 30 years old. I live in Springfield MA. I'm from Quebec (yup, I do speak perfectly french canadian!) and I 've been to USA since about 4 years now. Yes, I like it here! I got my first bike, a 2003 Ninja 250, it is a little ninjette..LOL I do not plan on changing my bike, as I'm still learning to ride. I have a lot of practice to do in twisties. My husbnad ride a 2002 ZX-9R (green). I love to ride, and maybe someday I'll get to ride with some of you?
Eww...a Kawasaki rider? *feeling sick to the stomach* Oh my I need to grab a chair, I'm feeling faint. heheh naw...just kiddin.

Welcome to your new home. The only thing I can think of is if you stay at this forum, you may end up with a new bike before long. Meaning that 250 get turned in for an additional 1150cc.
Aloha and welcome ... when u get a chance post a pic of you & bike we all love pics.... - Kent
Hey's it goin.....welcome to the coolest board on the net.
Once ya get to know us all, you'll be spendin alot of time here......we're all good people who try to stay on our best behaviour at least 10% of the time......cept for RSD.....he's always a good boy!!!!
But seriously......welcome!!!!
Sorry, you are banned from the site. Where are these other non-busa owning members? I need to ban them too. New policy.

Sorry, you are banned from the site. Where are these other non-busa owning members? I need to ban them too. New policy.  

awe...let her stay Narc....she seems real nice,an' she's pretty too . A helluva lot prettier than me....well...except for when I wear that little pink strapless thing....opps....shid...was that out loud....