New to the hayabusa life


Just wanted to say hey to everbody on this site, got my first busa about month ago and just wanted to say how happy i am with the bike. Its a 2006 limited edition with hindle exhaust and power commander. Hope to do some upgrades with some good advice from this site. Great to be part of the hayabusa life!


Ok, i'm from Miami..I' know Oakland Park..I live in Memphis now, been here about 7 yrs now. How long you been riding? is this your first busa? I have a 2013 busa-limited edition..
Yes,This is my first busa bought it from a friend of mine that didn't use it much . it only has 3000 miles on it, bought it for my 50th b-day. I have had street/drag cars my whole life, two wheels are more fun then 4. My street car is faster then my busa in the 1/4 mile but bike is a lot more fun and I can hold the throttle lot longer.

To me the hindle exhaust sounds nice and quiet till u get the rpms up,then it makes some noise, havent compared it to anything else yet. I have read a lot of guys use the brocks , I had no choice hindle came with bike.
I Don't leave home without gear, Can anyone tell me what exactly does the power commander do? my buddy I got it from is clueless.
Welcome to the oRg! The 06 LE is one of my all time favorite busas, and the reason I purchased the 09, love the white.