new to the board

Welcome aboard Speedraider...I'm the "STUNNAH" I've received a lot of help here...I hope you enjoy the threads and info...By the way that emoticon that you used was created for the "STUNNAH"... :D
Looks familiar... Yep, I knew it! It's the feature bike from the turbobusa series!  :cool: If you really own that busa, I think I hate you! :super: If you know "Amanda from Chattanooga" I KNOW I hate you!  :laugh:  ;)

Awesome ride, man! It's one of my all time favorite busa's! Probably only second in looks to SLEEPERBUSA's two tone green/green ride and second to none as far as over all sickness, broh! :super:

So, do you know Amanda? :super: :bounce:
i love it, power is set at 300 hp. on 93 octane... very reliable, just add gas and change the oil.....very powerful.... rides like stock til ya twist the throttle and :devil: