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Hey everyone. I havn't gotton my bike yet, hopefully in the next few months. But mbes friend is getting a 2002 Midnight Special Edition tomarrow morning. It's got full exhaust, headers back. Titanium Hindale. Fuel managment system and its unrestricted. May be more, but Im not sure, here is a picture of the bike. Can't wait to become part of the bike world. I drive a Mustang Cobra and can't wait to get my bike
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Welcome aboard, Poke around, there is a lot of good information here.
I don't think that putting a Cobra to shame is the right word. More like give me a mile or two headstart, then it would be a good race. The only shot i have is on the highway and im spraying
We will see, here are a couple pics of my Cobra even though it is off topic Image Gone Image Gone
Once you get a busa and hammer it, you'll throw rocks at the Cobra. I had a modded '95 Cobra. It was fun, or so I thought until I got a busa!
Best color.........or is it the fastest color :laugh:
Dont worry Mate you'll get your Busa......I waited for EVER and now, Dude, it makes all cars feel like crap....
peace & keep us posted.
Welcome MN02! Good luck finding a great deal on a Busa, and great pics of your car! I'm a bit biased - I have a '95 GT Mustang...would love a Cobra one day!

Enjoy the board...lots of great advice on here...