New to me '09


When I get out to the garage again I'll take a peek and a me, it looked like carbon fibre, to me. It could have been a wrap as other pieces were wrapped and I peeled them off. Don't know why someone would wrap an air box but weirder things have happened I'm sure...


Well suck me dry and call me was wrapped...I peeled that sucker off (wasn't easy as it was well done) and it's back to plastic.. I haven't researched carbon fibre air box prices but $1300 sure could be spent on other things.....Don't know what benefit it would be on a bike like this anyway.

I guess I will keep the bike regardless. It's kind of fun to ride.


Congrats on the new bike. So here's a list of what has been done to that '09 Bumblebee

I'll start at the tail and work around to the front.

-Hump storage mod
-Under tail expanded storage cutout.
-Rear fender delete.
-DID drag gold chain
-Hotbodies darkened tail lights and smoothed turned signals.
-Smaller discrete passenger pegs
-90 degree gold metallic air valves (front and back)
-Foldaway shifter and brake pegs.
- Yoshimura- 4-2-1 exhaust system with Carbon fiber can.
-Frankenbolt delete, replaced with blacked out bolts.
-Shaped comfort seat.
-Techspec snake skin side and center tank grips
- Frame plugs
-Translogic Quickshifter. (up only)
-Heavier oil weight swap in steering stabilizer
-Heli bars
-HEL Steel braided lines brake and clutch (race set up)
-2009 Brembo master cylinder from Yamaha R1
-2013 Brembo Calipers
-EBC 4.4mm thick front rotors
-EBC Double H sintered pads (front)
-EBC Organic pads (rear)
-HID headlight with Phillips bulb upgrade 4300k temp
-K&N Air filter.

I may have forgotten some stuff, that's the major stuff. I did have a bazzaz with tuner and had dyno'd the bike but that was removed before the trade.

I'm happy someone else has the bike and will take care of her, it's a nice kitted out bike which served me extremely well.



What a great resource to find the previous owner who cared and loved this bike as I now do.
I very much appreciate what you have done to the "Bumblebee" to make it as good as it is today.
I have washed and waxed it often since the short time I've owned it.
At over 50yrs old, and retired, I have nothing but time to give to the care of this bike.

Thanks to Zed2000, I am a member of this exclusive community.


I met up with Zed2000 (previous owner of the Bumblebee) and found out he's a great guy and very knowledgeable of Hayabusas.

I also managed to get a boat load of parts off him including the Bazzaz system...I will be installing this soon I figure.


I installed the Bazzaz and the bike tries to pull my arms out of the sockets now...what a difference it made. I thought it had power before....


I thought that was what you were going to say....that's a serious bolt on....
Gotta drill a hole in the oil pan and one for the tank but other than that everything bolts on. It is some work but I always assume if i can do it and scoop fries for a living anyone can do it. Some base kits don’t even touch the fuel system. Not saying it is recommended but they get away with it.

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