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dabs busa

what's up everbody i'm new to the site.i got my se busa about a month ago and still havn't rode it . had knee surgery about a month 1/2 ago. all i can do is start it up.i'm in therpy now.docter told me i might can ride about a month from now.(it's killing me)just wanted to welcome myself to everbody. thxs, dabs
How do you do it? A new bike and surgery! But, worst of all you can only look at the new Busa................
Its like going to a strip club, you only punish yourself.

Well I'm glad to hear a fellow Busa member is doing alright, just don't get to anxious.......
welcome....... with all that time on your hands, that bike should be getting a mod. treatment done to her!
I have found there is only one thing to do when you cant ride the whore
no shame...oh yeah, and welcome to the board.
Welcome, Other than starting your bike and letting it idle for awhile be sure not to Rev that thing till your actually riding.  For better ring health...

Oops wrong quote...
good advice REv...ya beat me 2 it...

Personally , if it were me , I wouldn't even start it up an' let it idle . Just wait till you can break her in under load .

I can give ya all techno reasons if ya want.

Have a good 1...welcome to the boards . RSD.
Welcome aboard, I couldnt torture myself like that get a new busie and have to watch it sit there...
Dabs welcome to the board. Sorry to hear about your knee, get better fast but don't push yourself or you could end up back where you started.