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Hi Guys,

Just a quick question as I'm struggling a bit with the search function.
I've a had a lust for a busa since I test drove one in Cork (Ireland) about 2 years ago.
I have an option on two low mileage bikes 2000 & 2001 both under 20k miles.

Now, the reason I covet such a beast is the grin factor but also I need to do a 430 miles round trip to my other half 3 weeks out of 4. (London to Warrington)
The buse is a perfect motorway mile muncher and i have no issues around the riding position (although my last bike was a BMW 1100 GS & a GSXR 750 W)

So to the main question.
What is the story with putting luggage on the pre-2002 models? What do I need to look for? At the least I'll have a top box but would prefer full set up for when "she who must be obeyed" wants to come and play too.

What's the suggestions oh wise and wobbly ones?



PS Great site and very informative!


Thanks for the welcome, I found the post with the Givi luggage and guess soft will do fine for a while. I don't like soft luggage at motorway service stations, it has a bad habit of going missing hence why Hard luggage. Incidentally this is also handy in Northern Europe where we are fond of rain (especially in Ireland).
What about the rear-sub frame? Are they really as chocloate as the rumour mill would have you believe? I'm a healthy sceptic sbut want to be sure before finding myself in a pile of the proverbial on the side or a rainy motorway.
Did I mention we like rain over here?


SoCal Blur

99 - 00 models had an aluminum subframe, I believe they moved to steel in 01 but it may have been in 02. There were some that reported cracking due to heavy loads (i.e., large passengers). There are many more that have never had a problem.

My 00 has the aluminum subframe and without issue.

You can always pick up a replacement steel subframe on ebay. There were a few companies that made special brackets that would strengthen the aluminum subframes but I think those are no longer made or available.

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