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Can anyone tell me how to post the pics that show up on the left of the post. Have not yet figured it out. Thks!
Yeah, that pic to the left is your Avatar. You can get there by going to 'Your Control Panel,' then select 'Personal Info.' Once there, go to 'Avatar Options,' and you should be able to choose an image already in the gallery or upload your own image. Hopefully that should help.
By the way, welcome to the board. If I haven't already said that.
Thanks for helping out there BigBSBusa, yeah what he said and welcome.
Welcome to the board. :beerchug:

Here a link to the posting pictures thread. Not the Avatar, but pictures in general. If your reduce you're image size prior to uploading them to the server, then the window will stay the normal width. I think the max width is about 500 pixels.

Example: Original=640x480 --->Final=480x360

Hope this helps.
I will post some pics soon now that I know how. Thanks to all you folks. This forum is awesome!!!!:cool: