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I'm looking for a new set of exhausts for my stock 05 Busa. It's plenty fast so, I'm not really worried about a full race exhaust, just want people to hear me coming. A slip on that's pretty loud, with a deep tone to it. So far I like Akrapovic, Two Brothers and Tsukigi cannons. Any advice/ reviews? Also, are there any differences between shorty and regular besides looks? Thanks


If your not looking for performance and only want to have your busa make some noise and have people notice you could look into some shorty GP exhaust tips. Check ebay or voodoo exhaust


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I was gonna say the same thing, If performance doesn't matter and all you want is to be noticed go voodoo or just go to the local auto parts place and buy some cheap exhaust tips.


Thanks! I checked out the voodoo exhausts and they do look and sound nice. I found them for a pretty decent price. I take it that since it's just a tip, the installation can be done by myself. The only thing that concerns me is removing the mid-pipe. I haven't taken a close look at the mid-pipe to see if it would have to be cut off or not. I'm not sure if I want to cut the pipes just in case down the road, I want to add more power with a new set of pipes, would it make it that much more difficult. Thanks again for the advice!
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