New Shirt Record


Dis in my way!
Staff member
Well I came home today from a tough day at the office, threw the laptop open, connected to the wireless network, checked my email and whammo I see that someone made a shirt order, I opened it up and I began to tear up. $548.00 in shirts....... I was pretty thrilled to say the least so thanks to the member that I will keep anonymous. You guys are helping me when I need it most........

Thanks all

Doug King

PS ssshhhhhhh nobody tell Dustin !!!!!!!!
Sorry Captain but I can't touch that. That is cool
are you gonna tear up when they get retailed?? either that or I hope I'm in the right line at Laguna when they get handed out!!
Im not greedy, if someone can make a buck off it then I guess thats OK. Let me say that the person that bought all the shirts is from Germany so he might have made an order for an entire bike club or something like that.