New 'round these parts...


Yep...just made the switch tonight. Traded in my 2002 Yamaha R1 for a beautiful new Hayabusa. I love it! It's completely different in the way it rides, but I'll get used to it. Black & Royal damned pretty. What an amazing day I've had! Spent my lunch break getting to meet the SBK World Champion Colin Edwards, and then bought the new bike when I got off work. Now all I need is for my girl to show up with another chick... ;)

welcome to our newest member!!!!!!!!!!! This is a great bunch of people here. Congrats on the bike dude!!! Good thing you got the fastest color!!!!!!!
Welcome to the board. And you're all wrong the Blue and Silver is the fastest.

As you will soon find out this is an on going battle as to which color is the fastest one
Hey welcome to the board.. You will not find a better group of people to be associated with...Let me be the first to warn you others will try to tell you that black / blue is not the fastest.. they are just in denial
Welcome to the boards.

Don't start again Chic
We all know which is faster.
It doesn't really matter that the Blue/Black '02 is the fastest....

but the two guys in the photo are abit tooo happy with no chicks there.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

anywhoo... good luck..

wearing a mask just in case.
Welcome to the club! Buy a shirt!

Do not be fooled by the misleading statements of the infidel defilers. You have chosen wisely. The Black and ROYAL blue (I like that) has been scientifically proven to be the fastest color. Just ask Sledhead, or Cache, or Kerbie, or...
Hey Busakid first off I see you got smart and got a Suzuki...
Just kidding. Welcome to the site. By the way don't listen to anyone about which color is the fastest. That doesn't matter it's the one with the most money...

This site is the best and these guys and girls are realy great.They are also very knowledgable.
Ask anyone anything you are sure to get an answer. Enjoy your new bike
Welcome to the board.
"Denial"-worrying about the fastest getting by you, the '00 Red/Grey..

"BusaKid" is this you? on the R1  Block
Did you tell them or did you keep it secret? About the Busa I mean?

SsssssHH I won't tell

Welcome to a New World of Ecitement, hold on when you twist the grip, or you'll be watching it w/o you..

You did good the black and blue is faster, but gotta ask where did you meet Colin he the s!@# I couldn't imagine a better day.