New Roadcourse Track Bowling Green, KY

Dang DivrMan, you better get a night time job to support your addiction to track days. An hour from home? You'll be at every event!
Looks like fun, just hope the Corvette fan boys don't have it reserved 99% of the time it's open... :(
So there is a museum...go Zora Arkus-Duntov among many other motor heads...the assembly plant across the street...and the 2014 high hp looks sweet...I saw it at the corvette show at corsa in Berea Ohio...blah is awesome that they have a road course right there....beach bend is down the street for drag and oval...some figure 8 in whatever...and an amusement park for the will be a great source for racers and local income...any car show there for a hot dog and look at cool cars is time well spent