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My daughters boyfriend Wes has been wanting a bike for sometime now. He finally got one. Its a 2005 Triumph 955i. He is very proud of it, he should be, its a very good looking bike. He wanted a GSXR but couldnt get a co signer so his cousen had this bike and co signed with him for it. I tried to talk him into waiting till spring and take out a small loan to build some credit and then get the GSXR 600 but he couldnt wait. I ordered him a new helmet, Joe Rocket jacket and gloves from New Enough on Friday. I am letting him wear my gear until his comes in next week. Hopefully he has listened to me enough about safety and will watch me as we ride and become a safe rider.
Say a prayer for him to ride safe and pay attention and become a great rider.
Here are a few pics of Wes and his new bike. Hopefully he will come with me to the spring Busa Bash.




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Bike looks good but I don't know if I would be happy about him or the scoot if I had a daughter - yer a better man than me! You set a great example Tim, if he' smart, he'll pay attention!


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She will not be riding with him. He is a good kid, in church, but I wished he could have got something a little smaller. He is riding real slow right now so I am happy about that.
That's really weird, I know someone named Wes who looks almost EXACTLY like that, same haircut and build and everything. I mean they must be like doppelgangers or twins separated at birth or something. The Wes I know is looking at bikes, too, but he's holding out until this winter when the prices are lower and he's got his heart set on an SV650.

Not a bad looking Triumph there. I've always had a soft spot for the Trumps, and they've been doing some cool stuff lately. I'm not a big fan of the "streetfigher/naked" sportbike look but those Speed Triples are extra wicked. How can you not love something as weird as a three cylinder motorcycle?

Wes is a luck guy; tell him congratulations, and as long as he has the proper guidance like from you, I’m sure Wes will do great in his riding endeavors.

Keep drilling the safety factors into him on a regular basis, and I’m confident he will succeed in a positive way.

Now a days the younger generation needs our support, and trust, especially when they take a step like this, which requires a maturity upgrade.  When I was Wes’ young age, I wish there were more adults like you GeorgiaBusa_05 that stepped-up-to-the-plate and supported my endeavors.  Now that I’m in my late 30’s, been a State Trooper for almost 20 years, I can honestly say, I have just about seem it all.

My hats off to you GeorgiaBusa_05, just stay on his butt, and remember the ol saying “persistence pay†and hopefully in this case it will.

Good Job Wes, enjoy your riding, and be safe out there !!!!!



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Thanks guys, he is a good person, if not I would not be trying to guide him the way I am.
Now, I have just cleaned the chain and am about to wash it. They have gone to eat, probably should have made him help, will make him do it next time. I need the manual, the chain is loose but the single sided swingarm I dont know how. O well, a job for next week. :d
Does he have a endorsement yet or just the learners permit? Please make sure he's got a couple of hundred maybe thousand miles under his belt before he goes 2 up w/ your baby girl.


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I have sat on on those triumphs, they are like sitting on a 9" wide piece of plywood. Looks nice, but the bike is too narrow and uncomfortable for me.


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He just got the bike, and will get his learners permit next week. As far as Lauren riding with him, she will stay on back of the BUSA, I think he wants it that way too.

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