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Ok so let me tell ya...

I have been riding for quite a few years but have always rode a cruiser.  I came from a pretty powerful ride.  She had 60HP, about 65Torque, redlined at 6250 rpms and weighed about 650 pounds.  Oh yeah she hauled butt!

So let me ask you...  Since moving to the Ultimate Sportbike (derr the Hayabusa) I am trying to get used to riding differently (I am at about 500 miles since I bought it 2 weeks ago.)  I am trying like heck to figure out how you launch on these things with more than 1/16th throttle and not feel like you are going to get thrown off the back?  I mean what position do I need to be in to get a good launch on these things and not feel "out of control?"  Anyone have pictures or descriptions of feet/body positions I can look at for maximum control?  I am looking to sign up for a serious riding class (Keith Code type stuff) but would like some pointers before then if possible.

Stupid question I know.  I am used to riding a sofa though.  This Busa is much more comfortable than my cruiser and the power is out of this world.  AND I haven't even gone over 8000RPM yet!

Thanks in advance everyone,


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put some more miles on it , add the throttle you are comfy with...I doubt you will need to re-ask this question in anothr 3000-5000 miles, if you do then perhaps youd better get another cruiser.


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Not a stupid question.

I have been riding sports bikes for over 20 years.

I had my Busa for about a month before I attempted to crack it wide open

The first time I did I almost screwed myself.

I wasnt ready for the power, so when I nailed it, I slid back, when I slid back my throttle hand twister and gave it more throttle.

My initial though in my head was "OHH FUG" (replace the word fug with typical word used in this case)

I was able to let off before I looped it, but I learned I needed to be prepared for it and not have such a death grip on the throttle.

At first ride with the hump place your backside against the hump, lean forward on the tank an slowly twist.

Keep doing that over and over with each time twisting a little faster until you get used to it.

you will get used to the power (Insert reason why people eventually put nitrous on Busa's, blow Busa's, put nitrous on blown Busa's lol )

You will be fine. just dont try to bite off more than you can chew at a time...

Welcome to the board and to Busa's


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rather the trying to launch like a pro...

i would start by getting your body position right from a roll,upper body as low and as far forward as possible (the oem screen makes this a little tough) but you will be fine with a stock or near stock bike,grip the bike firmly with your legs,elbows down and loose,your legs are much stronger then your arms,and they will do a much better job of keeping you in position,your arms need to be loose enough to make steering/throttle or other inputs

don't get yourself in a hurry,giong from 60 horse to 160 is a huge jump,in time you won't even give it a thought

the best change i have made to my bike latley,was the cut back,or drag version of the zero gravity,double  bubble,it lets me get way forward without bumpig the screen...a great comfort when i hit the spray

good luck and be carefull !!


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go to your local hardware store and by a roll of 100 mph duct tape wrap your self to the bike and enjoy the ride


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Suck up on the tank like it's your best freind.
Squeeze it with your legs too, and start finding your Nirvana.

Mikey D

Yep, What Timmy said...

   If your butt is against the hump and you wack it, 2 things will happen...

          Your front wheel is gong to "Reach for the sky!"

                Yer coccix (tailbone) is gonna be black and blue!

   If you do decide to set back do what Thrasher said and slowly roll on the throttle.

When (not if!) you do your first wheelie, please don't just chop the throttle, back off rapidly but try not to chop it, the front end will slam down & yer gonna have control issues.

Have fun!


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"How do you hold on?"

Ain't it the truth! Only had mine since February but I do have over 10,000 on her so far but I still think at a certain rpm a seatbelt will pop out from somewhere and hold me on the seat. So far, the hump does it job pretty well.



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squeeze with your knees. ride on the balls of your feet. two finger the clutch and brake. that seems to work for me.


There is some good advice here. Get up on the tank and ease into the throttle. Practice stopping more than going. Make the clutch, both brakes and the torque do their jobs. Pick your less sensible moments carefully.


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I remember thinking about this when I first hopped on a Busa. I found that a tank-bra helped me to grip the tank better with my legs. I normally wax my bike so without it I would just slide back no matter how hard I tried to grip the bare tank.


The first time I opened my busa up I remember it being sensory over load. It was like I had tunnel vision with every thing coming at me fast, now it is just plain fun. I thought I would never get used to it but I have. If u want to keep the front wheel down stay as far foward as possible and don't powershift second. It will either spin the tire or lift the front. You may also want to make sure the road is very smooth if there are bumps in the road it will tend to launch the front wheel. Just take it slow and you will get used to it. I would say it took me 2000 miles to get used to it. I had a st1100 before I bought the busa and it was about 80 HP an 70 ft lbs of torque. It was relativly fast but not even close to the busa and the only thing I miss about it is the saddle bags. Good luck and be safe.


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(Spike @ Oct. 13 2006,19:04) Anyone have pictures or descriptions of feet/body positions I can look at for maximum control?  
Here is one of me doing a test launch just out of the burn out box.


Another view


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Ok you guys just rock

Let me clarify something. When I say "launch" I am not even talking about a racing type launch. I am talking about taking off from a stoplight with moderate to heavy acceleration instead of rolling on the gas slowly and easing out the throttle. I am not a speeder, have never had a ticket in my life and tend not to race out on the open road. I just enjoy riding my vehicles to their fullest potential:) Of course with the Busa I will need to do that on a track. Hey, I am cool with that:) LOL

Thanks for all the tips. I tried quite a few of these this morning and last evening and it is helping already.

The pictures were perfect. They just reaffirmed I am posturing correctly. The whole balls of the feet, grip the tank, etc. was exactly the advice I needed too.

I think the problem is that I was used to riding the cruiser all relaxed, legs flapping in the breeze with no real interaction with the bike. This sportbike takes a lot of interaction and manipulation of the body to ride it correctly. I get that now.

Thanks everyone. Once again the board comes through.

I don't know why I ever rode a cruiser, the sportbike is definitely for me.

Oh and good to see you here BentValve! Way to go on the recovery man. We are all buckin for ya!


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(Spike @ Oct. 14 2006,11:26) I don't know why I ever rode a cruiser, the sportbike is definitely for me.
We're all young and dumb at some point in our lives.


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dude i asked the same question a while ago.

get on tank, lean forward, roll on throttle.

learn at your own pace. you'll get it as you go just like i'm gettin it.

Busa Dreamin

The first time I rolled the throttle all the way open in first gear I felt my butt sliding back on the seat and I thought that I need to go home and get my lifting straps to hold on.


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dang, someone already posted the launching thread. Just takes time, you will get used to the bike. Just respect the vehicle and it will respect you back.


You sit "on" a cruiser, you sit "in" the "Busa. You have to become part of the bike and mold yourself to its contours. Hug it, don't hang off it!

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