New Puppy added to the Family


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Well I did it again. We have been looking for a aussi puppy for my wife, ours passed away last year.
Anyway we saw this adoption tent in front of a Pet Smart and stopped. Now the wife and I have not had a puppy for 12 to 15 years, all our dogs have been adopted at an older age (no house breaking). There is a cage with a bunch more pups lays a little rottie pup! So I snatch him up into my arms. He is such a mess! Covered in fleas and ticks. His little belly distended, "full of worms". And the last straw, a family of little kids descends on the pups and I hear a little girl tell her mother "mommy I want the black one"! I think fast turn to my wife and still holding the pup we sign the papers! Guess what this one has no adoption fee, now he's ours.
The Monday trip to the vet confirms he is a mess. He is now wormed, got his shots (for his age) etc. And clean of fleas and ticks.
Tank the big guy in the photo has taken to him very well, still late at night when he is ready to go to bed the pup will get growled at but that’s how we all learn. I watched them playing this afternoon and Tank will lay on his back or side so the pup can attack him. The pup (sorry no name yet) grabbed tank by the jowl and was pulling him, Tank rolled his head and 3/4's of the pup disappeared in his mouth, then he came running out! The size comparison is like this Tank is a good 149 lbs, the pup just under 9 lbs!
Like I said the pup was a surprise for us we have a 3 year old rottie female coming to us soon, another adoption.
Some of my friends kid me because I have a "doggie door" in the wall of my house that leads to the outside dog run. The door is big enough for me to crawl into the house. But I tell them remember when I crawl through the door I have kisses waiting for me on the other side, someone else, well he better make friends with my three rotties fast!
I love these dogs!

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Cute little pup! I've got 2 adopted Rotties myself. Have thought about getting another lately.
nice dude I adopted mine from the pound ........twice. he's a lab/pit not as big as a rot but he thinks he's a lap dog ( yeah all 110 lbs of him ) :thumbsup:
Love Rottweilers. Rubb has 3. Cool of my dogs,Atlas, will be in a book coming out this fall. His pic will be in it. I'll post pics when it happens....somebody remind me.:laugh:

That's pretty much what happens when I hit the adoption tent at petsmart.. Walked away with cutest flea infested puppy there. Luckily I shave my head so I didn't have any castaways up there..
I agree rotts are the best dogs ever, I have 2 full rotts one is american rott, one is german rott my 3rd is rott/dobb mix and then we added this malamute/wolf puppy wich has one blue and one brown ear up and one ear down...





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We got his name! After much discussing His name is .....................


Like in the song IKO IKO :beerchug::beerchug::beerchug:
Congrats! You did a great thing adopting him. I have three dogs myself. All three are rescued. Two pitts and one ****zu. Love them to pieces.