I'm looking for a couple things... then will pay forward a bunch. I'm looking for a set of stock controls/bars/ends (want to ditch the chrome ones on the bike) factory rear sets, factory mirrors... Just picked up my bike and want to de-chrome it a little

if so, PM me
I have the factory gen 1 mirrors I can give you. I could use some chrome mirrors for mine. Pm me.
Ok, all I would need is the midpipes and cans. I lost one of my shorty tips, and I am getting tired of the bike turning off at idle do to the lack of back pressure.
Thanks for the update C10!
Best I can remember have Gen 1. OEM windscreen, complete rear sets, candy red aluminum grips very custom look, stock seat, gel seat, clutch/brake levers, reservoir covers, clutch cover, top triple tree, rear passenger pegs black not stock, bar ends, stunt cage, mirrors, flat lighted plate holder, OE down pipe, Two Brothers pipes, will have to check what else is around.

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