New Owner!


Hey everyone!

I just picked up my new (to me) 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa Limited Edition yesterday and have already put a couple hundred of miles on her. Finally registered an account here today, but I've been a long-time lurker doing as much research and reading up as much as I could on them before committing to a purchase.

In regards to a bit of background, I'm active duty military currently with plans of going back to school in the near future; Chemical Engineering major with plans to apply to medical school shortly afterwards. I will be using the bike to commute to work (75-ish miles) on a daily basis and will be riding in almost everything, though I'd prefer to avoid riding in the snow if at all possible! I'm definitely looking forward to reading a lot more on the forums and gauging peoples' input on certain modifications. I will be sticking to more of a commuting/sport-touring aspect and have already begun to purchase some additional modifications to make the riding experience that much more enjoyable.

I'm open for any input or suggestions on what to do next, and I'm definitely looking forward to being a part of the Hayabusa community!


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Pretty clean looking Gen1 :thumbsup: If your more into the touring and cruising aspect of the busa I would look into a set of handle bar risers and maybe an aftermarket seat for those long trips
Welcome to the oRg! Once you start commuting on her you will see what you need and we can definitely point you in the right direction. Thank you for your service. Oh, and snow is fun unless you are working in it.

Thanks for the warm welcome and the advice! I placed an order for some of the Helibars and I'm anxious to feel the difference. I've considered some of the footpeg options as well such as the vortex rearsets. There are definitely a million options to choose in regards to modifying the bike, which is a huge advantage compared to my last few.