New owner.  Not sure wat happened


I have put about 200 miles on my bike which I purchased with 3900 on it. The previous owner showed me every oil change and service reciept from day one. He was maticulous in its care and treatment. He also had just put a new battery in it a week before selling it to me because it simply was dead one day.

OK so last night I am tooling around to get some more seat time and go to some of the local bike hangouts. My first time on the Busa to do this. All my buds were all over the bike ewwwin and ahhing it. She was so proud of herself. Ok I had a momentary lapse in memory and had her 2nd gear at a dead stop. Not realizing this I didn't give her enough gas when I let the clutch out (as I do in a slow 1st gear start off) and she stalled out on me. OK so I pull in the clutch and hit the starter. It goes a very slow 2 turns and stops, like a dead battery. Hmmmmm. I tried again. Got one turn and stop. I had a guy push me off and she fired off. So now she running but I now have a FI warning light that came on and the clock display is showing CHEC continously. According to the owners manual the bike should not be running with a continual (not flashing display), but she was and I slowly entered back up to speed on the street, the whole time the FI warning was solid but now the clock was alternating back and forth from CHEC to the time. The manual says that when alternating like that a problem was detected and the she will run but only minimally to get her checked out. So I got her up to abouut 30, pulled in the clutch, turned off the key and turned it back on and let the clutch out. She re-started and that seemed to reset the FI problem. It never came back and she ran as normal.

So I get home and check the battery thinking it was maybe a simple loose connection or faulty new battery. Nope. I put a trickle charge on her and she is showing a full charge condition.

So now I have 2 things that I am perplexed over. The initial hard start, dead battery symptom, and that was followed by the FI warning. No hints in my manual on any voltage related FI issues.

Any help here guys?

I called the previous owner and he is very concerned that I am having the slightest bit of trouble. He has checked out impecably by his dealer maintenace records and I have no reason to think he did not disclose all he knows of the bike. He bought it new and it hasn't even made it to the second service yet. It is virtually new in its condition. No signs of anything but a babied bike.

So do we get FI lights with a voltage drop or a hard start scenario? And do we get hard sarts for some reason I am not aware of yet?


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Hmmm, A 3900 mile bike that needed a battery that soon?
What year bike? Did it sit a long time?
Check your voltage at the battery running/ not running.
Check all wire connections. It does sound like the FI light was caused by low voltage.



Bike is an 03. Yes it sat more than it was driven. 3 years in Fla. is about right for a bike battery. I own more than one and they don't take the heat well here.

No loose connections at all.

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