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Hi everyone! Just took the plunge and got a Busa. So far it's too cold to ride without winter gear. But so far I'm stoked! My first 0 mile purchase! I started on a VTR1000 Superhawk, moved to a 2000 GSXR 600, and now to the KING! I've been riding for over 10 years and have ridden many different styles and sized bikes. Starting from 250s all the way to Super touring 1700s. Nothing has pleased me quite like my 2012 Busa Ltd. A sexy bike with a sexy color... Not to mention I got it for a steal! Looking forward to meeting enthusiasts and building my enthusiasm for super bikes! :thumbsup:


Mainly through researching as a prelude to my recent purchase. But also found that one of my friends is also a member here. "One Fast Busa". I rode with him a few times and really got to see the potential of what a Busa is capable of. I used to think they were overpriced paper weights with no function to them since most Busa riders I see butcher their bikes for form... Nothing against them but I'm a function over form person when it comes to bikes. But I'm definitely a happy camper and my views and opinions have dramatically changed! So here I am!


Welcome - I'm a total 'function' guy too- with this bike, there's a lot of function you can incorporate and still have 'form'. Look around, there's a lot of write-ups on here of cool functional and creature-comfort stuff you can do. Look at the Trunk Mod thread and some others...



I get that. I was referring more to those that slam, stretch 12 over, 300 rear tire single side swing arm turbo it then call themselves a rider....??? The bike sits. They trailer to a location and ride it 500 ft. Or they ride from one meet to another and that's it.. I take these guys out and would wax them on the street on my little 600. Well now I can show everyone what a Busa can do with a true rider...:thumbsup:


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Another VA rider! Welcome to the oRg! How about some pics of the new Busa? :thumbsup:


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:welcome: to the oRg :thumbsup:

IMHO it's your money your ride, so I don't harsh on much. Never liked that Fat Albert bike :laugh:


As soon as it stops freakin raining! :please: I'll be happy to post up. I try not to bash. But really it was all that stuff that had me not interested in a Busa. But like I said. Here I am! A proud Busa owner.


oRg Gal
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As soon as it stops freakin raining! :please: I'll be happy to post up. I try not to bash. But really it was all that stuff that had me not interested in a Busa. But like I said. Here I am! A proud Busa owner.
I walk past my Busa every day to get in the car...getting sick of winter already and it really only just started :banghead:

Glad you opted to get one - you'll love it! There will always be those that put more in to making something look pretty over riding each his/her own. Have fun, that's all that really matters :thumbsup:


Thanks for the welcoming committee! I promise as soon as it stops raining and it's light enough for pic I will post them.:cheerleader:


Forgive us, we tend to greet our new members with great enthusiasm..... Welcome and ride safe

Oh and post those pix LOL

One Fast Busa

Welcome to the org and welcome to the best Hayabusa site hands down. Now if I can get a free weekend ill ride over to see ya. Its only 200 miles. Just a warm up ride for me. Lol
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