New Owner from Somerset.


Hello All,

I have been wanting to buy a Suzuki Hayabusa for quite a few years but being a small framed rider I always read about them being heavy but after reading umpteen reports and stats lists I compared it to my current bike ( An Ancient 1994 Yamaha YZF750R) then realised it was only a tad heavier.
Suffering from the occasional back niggle after a long ride I decided to see what was about at my local dealers and came across a very nice Black RL10 at Riders in Bridgewater.
I called in last Thursday to have a sit on the thing and instantly fell in love with it and was surprised at how balanced and not overly heavy the beast was.

So today (Saturday 8th June 2013) I went in for my first ever test ride of the rocket ship (That's what they call em isn't it)?
I was really impressed at the handling and balance of what looks from the outset as a large clumbersum animal, how wrong can somebody be !

I do not make instant and hasty decisions although I wanted too! mmmm let's say I got half way home about 45 minutes later, I rang the dealership back and said I'd be a fool to say No.

So I hope to pick her up sometime next week.

I look forward to meeting other riders and learning more about this machine.

Dr Rob


I would appreciate other owners thoughts being I'm new to to this world, it cost me just over 7 grand it's a one owner bike with 7200 miles.

Thank you
Dr Rob


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If you got a Gen II for just over 7k, you did very well. Welcome to the oRg. :welcome:


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Set the suspension sag first thing!
The bike will handle as is should then, and for Your body weight.
Makes a big difference.


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Well if I understand you correctly a new 2010 for $10, 800 wouldn't be bad. My advice, you have the greatest bike in the world .... Grip It and Rip It


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:welcome: to the board and congrats on the new ride...i don't have any idea what used bike prices run over there but if you're happy with the bike and the price you paid, that is all that matters :beerchug:


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welcome. Does the bike have any extras like exaust ect.

As far as your back niggle, I noticed when I went from an upright ridding position to a forward leaning my lower back felt better. I tended to slouch on a standard.


*** Update ***

I contacted the dealer on Monday morning and was told because I didn't put any deposit on the bike another salesman sold it to someone else :(

I was really annoyed at first being I was given first refusal on it then I wondered to myself if the payments on a brand new one with a deferred final payment would be comparable and the new one would be £20.00 /$40.00 more for the Yellow Limited Edition so I am having that instead.
I will be adding a photo to the gallery shortly and dependent on alarm fitment I hopefully will be riding her by next weekend.

Dr Rob.

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