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Just calling by to say hi to ya'll. Those of you from Labusas already know me, those who were here for the first incarnation of the board already know me. A whole bunch of ya others probably never heard of me.

I'm DaZee originally from the UK but now living in Japan. Got one of the first '99 Red/Black busas to arrive in Japan. Have blasted it past the 300kph mark more times than I can remember. Took a couple of minor slides on it, which resulted in me repairing it and giving it British colours, then finally settling on full A-Tech carbon fiber bodywork.

Had first and second generation cam chain failures with the bike being sent back to the Suzuki factory for repairs and analysis of the failures. Similarly for the rear subframe failure. Never the fastest or craziest rider, but very enthusiastic. Put almost 80,000km on the bike before it was written off by a careless driver last year.

I'm still recovering in hospital and will be waiting until next year before getting a new busa, until then I have a nice new car to get around with. You can see my bike in all its forms in the Japan gallery - it was looking a bit sparse.

There you go, that's me
Welcome (back) to the board. Sorry to hear the you are still recovering but hope you back up and riding soon.
Thanks ! I will ride again next year (give the bones a chance to get fully recovered) but will only ride solo. No way I'm taking responsibility for carrying a passenger in the future, given my injuries from a low speed impact while wearing full protective gear.

But riding is a blast and part of my life. We have some of the best riding roads in the World in Japan and very few police or cameras to stop you from enjoying them. My one stop for speeding resulted in just a letter of apology, no points, no fine to pay