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What Garage Man? By the time you buy this beauty you won't be able to afford the house... Might look real good parked next to the Cardboard box though! :laugh:

Love the MV's, sweet bikes, works of art really, but just too much money for a bike...
I love MV Agusta a long time ago... now it's even gr8ter... but no way i'd spent almost a year of my salary in here (portugal) to buy a bike. I love bikes, but I have more interests in my life :)
Anyway, i read that it reaches 193mph...

yeah Revlis, and your post really killed me too :tounge: muahahahahah
Just a larger version of the 750 MV. Both of them are beautiful to say the least, but way too costly. Too bad that it can't be made for cheaper so that someone other than Jay Leno and a Saudi Prince can own one. Nice to dream though. Just tough to justify so much for a bike unless you are silly-rich or just really dedicated to the bike and nothing else.
I like the Agusta 750. Got to sit on one and check it out at a dealership. They are nice bikes. But this new 1000 will more than likely cost as much as a Ducati 999s -- we're talking twenty grand and up. I'm sure the performance will be there along with all the choice little extras... But that is an awful lot of money. And think what replacement parts (like plastics) will cost!
The 750 went for $20K some years back, I am sure that the 1000 will be more particularly if they make an upgraded "S" or "R" version like Duc does. For comparison, a Duc 999 can be had for $16-17K if you shop around, but the 999R is more like $21K+ and the 999S is almost $30K (might have the S & the R backwards, can't remember which is higher).

But it's safe to say that these MV's are easily $20-30K as well. As sweet as they are, you could really trick out a comparable bike and still have money left over. Again, hard to justify. It deserves a discussion in economics of diminishing returns.
I agree with that values... It will be EXPENSIVE :) with that money in most european countries you can but a small-budget car with nice power (like a Peugeot or a Citroen) and a nice bike...
The Agusta is for people who already have a big house and a sports car on the garage :cool:
Can a grown man ever dream!!! :drool: i know it is way out of budget when i got a house note to pay plus 2 boys to raise. ;)