new mods tonight,more tomorrow


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forks done,speigler brake lines(lovin those) grab rails,levers,fuel lid,hump cut,spiked spools,etc etc.
Thanks Golden child.:thumbsup:









I was looking at that one in Calgary 2008 busa looks like he did it right but want 18,000
I like the grab rails ,where did you get ones that don't have crap written on them. I'm tired of having hayabusa etched on every damn thing
I like the grab rails ,where did you get ones that don't have crap written on them. I'm tired of having hayabusa etched on every damn thing

I hear ya frisbee. I am going out of my way to to black out this Busa and also stop advertising for suzuki. LOL. The grabs are on Pashnits site.

Here ya go.... Buy Now: Hayabusa Grab Handles Rails PPM Yana Shiki Epic Powersports | Pashnit Moto

They are not as hi-gloss as my 07 Se paint,but still nice. No funny symbols. :laugh:

Some of them have a symbol on them but its not a busa kanji,mine are plain.

The one's I bought...

Today I started the undertail install,fairing screens,changed out the fluid in the rear brakes and clutch,etc etc. Pics tomorrow if I get the "Black Bastid" all buttoned up.

I had a small set back today,was pizzed right off. I lifted the tank and of course one of the rectangular rubber blocks that goes between tank and frame fell off.(the brake side) No worries,its happened before,(most people would have glued it on by now....:whistle: ) So usually it lands in the same place,5 seconds later its back in hand. This time NOPE. I always work on my bike with it vertical,on a rear stand. Not today.Its on side stand.Block doesn't fall to its usual spot.I'm crawlin around on the floor like a drunk azz sailor,getting more agravated by the second.Thinkin it fell and I kicked it somewhere.Here's where its good to be as a n a l as me. I just cant lose a part,I'll lose my mind first. LOL. The fuggin thing ends up wedged between the countershaft sprocket and the motor. If I didn't find it it would have gotten chewed up and sprayed all over the fricken place.Only reason I found it 'cause I decided to look under the cover.

1 hour wasted. :banghead:

I did get to clean all the crud that builds up under there thou. :whistle: Also thought good time to try out the sweet bleeder GC set me up with.:bowdown:

For years I used the mighty vac.Then mine broke.Thought I'd just buy a new one. Daniel suggested I try the bleeder he uses,the thing rocks and is 50 bucks cheaper.

Now I'm so freakin tired. My trashed knees and back are gonna have me up all night. O well,a day with the Busa is worth the pain. I think. ???