New mirrors for Gen II

Hey you guys...
What year GSXR1000 mirrors don't have the integrated turn signals? I'm looking for something different for my 2009 K9. Thanks in advance!


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not sure why it posted sideways but here is a shot with my boy. Pashnit (sponsor) sells them by Emgo. have a set on mine and dig them over stock.

IMG_0296 1.jpg

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Those emgo ones Schism posted I have and got from same place.
My only complaint about them is they don't fold and click like oem ones do.
I liked how the factory ones folded up at the stem to make overall width smaller.


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So how much did those cost and are they worth it or buy Oem ones used?
$50 from Pashnit, I had them on my gen2 also.
I could see better in them than stock.
Beware ebay cheapos, they tend to vibrate at speed.
The oem style Pashnit sells do not.

SV mirrors are the same style and bolt on as well, only with a slightly longer stalk.
Makes seeing around your shoulders a little easier.

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