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curtis T

Hello, New guy on the block! just picked up my new 2002 Busa, Black and Blue for colors. Live in Wisconsin so I put 34 miles on it sunday in a balmy 39 degrees, but the sun was shining and the roads were dry. Im 35 years young and have had alot of different bikes, But my Question is for you Busa Vets...... Is there any mechanical issues or problems I sould be watching for out of the box?  

The only problem you will have is the rear tire breaking loose with enough throttle on the cold pavement. Other than that, just keep the shinny side up and have fun when it gets warm.

If you are talking about mechanical issues, just make sure that your bike has had the recall work done... Canm Chain tensioner and depending on the year possibly the fuel screen... WELCOME to the board
I have alittle over 100 miles on mine -- 2002 also -- I had a 2000 also (sold) -- there are ZERO recalls on the BUSA far "Tap on Wood"....

Horse (North Carolina)
curtis T,

Welcome, when the weather gets better take a ride up the Mississippi from Wis. up to St. Paul. I leaved (born) in Wis. for about 29 years, and had many summer trips on the Mississippi river roads but never had a chance with a Busa.
You know, I'm not much of a social type guy (pretty anti-social my wife says), but some of you guys are so close that you may have to drive out to Western Minnesota, just so we can all ride around and REALLYwig out the local pig farmers!!! They'd be calling the law worried about biker gangs and such! Unfortunately, directly where I live, most of the roads are fairly straight, but not flat enough to safely engage super-warp drive.
Bwilken this is the perfect place for you to let loose and become the most outgoing guy on the board, congrats on making the step...
I am coming back to central Iowa and then up to Minneapolis for 2 weeks the beginning of May. Anyone wanna hook up?

Chalk up another one to the fastest color. I have 21k on mine and so far (knock knock) no problems.
I hate to be the one to tell you guys this but Curtis joined last year.
Welcome..I still don't know how many people on this site actually own a Busa...I do..anybody know the true count?
You folks who show an interest count to ...but what is the total accurate count.....2000 plus members?
How many of us own them..Busa Rocks..nite many Bud' s Cache..hehe..omigod..sleep now....