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I am new, I am wondering if a hayabusha would be a good first new bike, they look sleek and fast, I ride a kaw 500 now, and ride pretty good...have been riding a long time...will the hayabusha do wheelies?
Welcome to the sea level the Busa will do full gas flipover wheelies...KABOOM.Hope yer not making payments.
It will go so quick..that you won't make the turn...people will say WOW..what kind of bike is will scare you silly when you don't want to be scared..treat throttle with care..Learn to master it and you will be happy or dead.
Ps..1st gear flipovers will happen without use of the clutch..
Perfect and have fun..RESPECT IT MAJORLY!! Some people sold them after their first ride..right hand and Brain..make it all happen for wait...Brain and right hand..that order.
Good luck..keep us posted. Fabusa @ 51 years young.
Hey Twisted, Thinker here...met you at the show last week. I was with Rick (Havoc). There is another Twisted recently registered on this site. He lives in the South somewhere.

Hey Twisted... I bet ya $5.50 dat my Ford Fiesta will beat your stock, NOTE JUST STOCK, Kawi 500 from 42.8 - 49.6 MPH.... butt you hafta kuhm to Dingleberry New Jersey if ya wanna race....