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Hello everybody! What an amazing site! I am almost a Hayabusa owner (I ordered the new black one - it's supposed to be here in May). Meanwhile the TLS will have to suffice. Does anyone here live near/ride to Deal's Gap in N.C.? I live about an hour from it... and if you've never been.. it's a great ride.

After reading all the posts on this board, I realize that my leap of faith (I bought the bike without ever seeing the picture) was the right choice! :hammerhead:


The Watcher
welcome!! Maybe I will take you up on the ride some time. looks like a great spot.

curtis T

Hey Gaprider,
I live in Wisconsin, but I get to deals gap almost every year, (Relatives in Anderson SC.) It's for a week in July most of the time, but if your around during my visit, lets do it!


you ordered the black falcon??
bada$$ bike that will be
have you ridden one yet?
You will love it.


I have never ridden one..... But I do appreciate brute acceleration. The black one was an accident... I was calling around to get some final price comparisons and this salesman said that he was getting a "limited edition" black Busa in May. I was after a blue/black one, and he gave me the best price (by $500) over any deal I had made anywhere. I bought the bike sight unseen... until now - I saw the pic posted and I am SOOOOOOO glad (until it gets dirty). I was happy to see the black frame/swingarm. I can't wait!!!


Congratulations on the Busa, and welcome to the club.

um deals gap, you mean the place with 318 curves in 11 miles, with four residents, 2 cats, cinder block hotel with no tv, easy access to the cherahaw parkway, up around fontana, brison city, murphy, robbinsville, highway 129, and home of the "tree of shame" hahahahaha

I'm a regular on the dragons's tail, and will probably be up next month. me and some friends come up and ride regularly. I was just talking to the couple that owns the place down in daytona during bike week.

Of all the roads i've ridden the dragons tail is the most taxing;psychologically, physically, emotionally, and technically

Great ride .... i finally saw it featured in one of the cycle mags last month, i think it was Long Rider, couldn't believe none of the other mags had ever covered it. People come from all over the world to ride the dragon's tail..

For those who haven't ridden it check out ---my only advice is either plan to camp out, which the majority of people do or get a hotel in one of the nearby cities... Oh and 2 other things if you ride up there at night the high beam headlights draws bugs like you wouldn't believe every ten minutes you gotta stop and clean your faceshield, and secondly plan to have the ride of your life!!

to the survivors of the dragon
, don't let the dragon take a bite out of you

Durham, NC

Max Speed

I ran the Gap on my V Max what a great road, the people that made that road had to be a rider! Like they said I went all that way just to ride the 11 miles! I will be back some day with my Busa ... just one thing make sure ya dont add a part of your bike to the Dragon trash wall!! when ya get there check it out in the gas station.... A very very cool place to ride!!! can wear your ass out throwing your bike around in the curves at speed if ya make about 4 pass one after the other Like I did... I could not get enough of that road!

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