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Hey Guys and Girls... I just signed up and I must say I'm impressed with the plethora of knowledge and experience here. Just bought my second Busa (it's a blue/silver 01, just like my other one was). Got it with just over 4,000 miles and already has custom wheels, tail kit, full exhaust, and PCII. My first plans are of course Brake upgrades (lines, pads, rotors) and I need to tune the PCII. I'll be seeing you all on the board and on the road! Anyone else here from San Antonio, Texas? If so let's RIDE!!!

A few pics here..

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Welcome. First,
on your good taste, IMHO, you have the best looking stock paint scheme going! But, we really like pics around here. Lots of people from Tx on the board and lots of sponsors waiting to take your money, errr., I mean help upgrade your scoot!

BTW, what happened to the first one?

Again, welcome! And oh yeah: PICS!


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Welcome to the madness...
And I'm glad to see another Texan on the Board...
I'm from/in Ingleside, so if you get down this way, let me know and I'll show ya around...



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Welcome to the board! Check out the Geographic Riding Areas part of the board for other folks in your area. Like others have said we need pics!
Ok here are the pics... these are of the way the bike is as I bought it. I wanted this scheme as I love the "beak" and the blue / silver combo. Long story about my other one but let's just say it was the reason I met my future wife and now a friend of mine owns it and refuses to sell it back to me. This was the next best thing... same bike (well looks the same) memories. Only thing I want to add cosmetically right now is smoked front lenses and carbon fiber inner body panels. Engine mods and brake mods up first. For some reasons the images wont show from my gallery. Here's one pic for now. More here in my gallery...

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