New ISR Master installed, oh how sweet it is :)


Got this baby in from Sweden. Acke makes amazing work. I love it! Brake pressure can be adjusted to suit your needs. Brake lever distance as well. Funny thing is on the hardest brake force the lever feels the softest, Soft power setting feels rock hard at the lever. Stopping power is um....noticeable lol. Had some fitment issues that I am going to see if he can modify the master here and there in order for it to fit with no rubbing on the plastics. I got Heli bars and that's the only reason I was able to fit this beast in without it rubbing much. I'm gonna see if he can reduce the footprint a little. Only downsize with my Heli bars is that in order to get minimum rubbing I had to change the position they were in to a lower more neutral riding


How much is the unit? Is there a gen 1 option as well? I have way too much force on the stock master cylinder with my dual perimeter rotors... If i could alter amount of braking in master my issue would be solved.


I got mine for around 420 plus shipping. Its a one size fits all Master though. Not sure if on the first gen it will fit with no issues. I forget if you had helibars Busabim. I'll ask Acke see what piston size to use with your setup. I'm trying to see if he can make the footprint a tad smaller so others can install it with no rubbing issues.

Yes I do have helibars, once I noticed those fancy grips I figured out whose bike it is.

Did you get the exhaust all sorted out?

Sure did! R77 full installed. Now she went from being a nut roaster to a nut warming tray lol. Some of the header bolts were bent a little from the excess heat. now she runs like a champ. Top end improved drastically. Thx for pointing out the heat issues.
I think it outperforms the Brembo. 3 different piston sizes available. Ratio on the brake lever can be adjusted from 3 to 1 to 6 to 1.Brake pressure can me modulated on the 17.5 piston from 4 bar to 1.7. The 14mm piston is modulated from 6.5 bar to 3. I have the 15.8, sorta in the middle of the two.