New Information in Michael Jackson Case


Well after all the stuff that went around about how he died, they finally figured out what killed him. It was not the doctor or some disease, it was food poisioning.

This determination was made after finding that he ate a 6 year old wiener.


I heard this for the first time today in class. The instructor had a serious expression on his face when he told us the joke, we thought he was serious about Jackson dying of food poisioning.


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I must be the only one who thinks Michael Jackson was innocent.
I am with you.........He was just a Kid who could not or would not accept the fact that he was in his 40's and can not re-live his childhood that he missed :whistle:


I just look at the big picture. Jackson had several accusations of child molestation. Four different cases I think, and was not convicted. FOUR ???!!??? .......and each time the parent took a cash settlement instead of prosecuting him??? If anyone ever molested one of my nieces or nephews (I don't have kids) there is not any amount of money that could make me and my family just look the other way and let it go. We would want to hang the guy !!!! How is it that there were four counts of forgiving parents who took the money?? Would you guys take the money and look the other way if such a thing REALLY did happen to your kids? Innocent man I say !!!!!
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