New Image Seat.... A Must Have


Hey guys,

I have a long ride comming up, and I have been looking for a new seat for some time now. I got in contact with Lee From New Image a couple weeks ago. He was very good about answering my never ending questions.

He was able to have my seat ready within one day. I drove up last night and picked the seat up.

It was about half the price that others wanted and I am more then satisfied. It was very comfortable and looks great!





Looks good!

Been hearing (& seeing) a lot about New Image so come winter that's where I'll be sending my seat.

Thanks for sharing your experience!


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Gary (suzuki4life) got us a group buy discount going on.....thread is aruond here somewhere. Thanks for sharing your experience. :beerchug:



If there is a group buy i suggest that everyone gets on it....

Definately one of the best things i have bought for my bike... and again Lee is great at customer service!
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