New hi-test fuel for busa....


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Part of my day in the country....interestingly, Commonwealth Edisons Byron Nuclear Generating station was on my pathway...had to drive up as close as possible. Can't believe security folks didn't shoot me driving up in black busa with helmet. Got 100 feet away from cooling towers (495 feet can hear the steam!).

Got the Busa loaded up on non-weapons grade Uranium-235....

hope the pic posts. this is my first time.
Best fuel i ever used for street performance was av gas a little 110 low lead could go a long way.However i dont use it anymore,dont need the additional speed,i am much calmer on public roads than i once was.You will enjoy the boost though. :withstupid:
Forum users.....see other thread with same name...the pics showed up on that one not this one....


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