New here, bought a white '09 ! Jacked !

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Sup my brothers and sisters, newbie here and just picked up my new peregrine falcon last friday 7/17. Got the itch after riding my buddies '07 for a day ( he's not a member here ). LOVE IT ! Only put 100 miles on it so far tho.

Not new to Suzuki as my last ride was a Gixxer 1000 that I bought "pre-owned and gently riden" :rofl:

QUESTION : when I picked it up, the guy going over the bike with me says to try and stay below 3,000 rpm for the first 500 miles. WTH ? 3,000 RPM in 6th is not even 55 mph ! The manual says to keep in under 5,500 prm for the first 500 miles...what do you guy n gals think ?

TIA and looking forward to hangin' here with you all !


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First :welcome: Second: Where are the pictures? :laugh:

You'll get a few answers about the break in period but I followed the manual when it came to my own 09. I stayed below 5000 and varied the RPM for the first 600 miles and then I stayed below 8000 RPM until I hit 1000. Some guys say it only matters for the first 50 miles or so then ride it like normal. Your call...

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Forgot to mention, I'll be riding in the Chicagoland and northern Illinois area's mainly. I live in/on Fox Lake, my girl lives downtown Chicago.


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I don't fit either school of thought on break in periods, I tend to lean toward the harder than recommended - But not ride it like I stole it.
Somewhere in between, but I can tell you this, each time you reach the new mileage and rev her a little more she feels like a whole new bike and it is a blast to get thru the last break in mileage and really open her up and see what she is capable of.
Then try the twisties and really understand what she is made of. The bike that just keeps on giving.

welcome to the org
Ride safe
And we will need pics


woops where are my manners picked up a white 09 last week. Awesome bike I cant stop grinning. Come to think of it they should warn you about that.



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The guy from the dealer doesn't know. There are two different schools of this topic. I tend to agree with Bubba. I wouldn't baby it. The most important thing is vary the RPM. And do the oil change. Ride it harder.

P.s. don't take your bike to the dealer for services. Learn to DIY. You will be the true master of your ride.

P.p.s. welcome.
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