New hayabusa rider from greece


Hi my name is Evaggelos (means good angel) i'm from greece and i ride 2007 black Hayabusa.
Before my busa ...
before HAYABUSA I had in my possession an V-STROM 1000 for 3 years.

I'm a moderetor to and i'm happy to be here.

Very nice job you v done with the forum CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!

"ALWAYS UP " it's an expression we used for the brothers in 2 wheels.
Black 07 here too. Just finished the rebuild now its running 1441 strong. 62,000 miles before I blew the factory with nitrous

Oh yeah Welcome!!:welcome: now post pics :rulez::rulez:


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welcome aboard! :beerchug: i was in thessaloniki last month visiting my father and i only saw a handful of hayabusa's. i was dying to rent one for those mountain roads but no such luck. :thumbsup:

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