NEW hayabusa coming out????


i was thinking of going from a R1 to a busa. i was just wondering if a new busa with upgrades will be coming out soon. ie new tach, colors, styling etc...
Aside from the Orange LE 03, nothing new is known. There are rumors that in 2004 will have new upgrades, as ill the 2004 BlackBird(larger displacement, i think). But that is all we know thus far.
I've heard tell of a "few" upgrades... Prolly very minor (like they changed the fork and brake caliper color to gold this year).

Bike rocks as is... But, I know how you feel about not wanting to buy it to find a new one with "enhancements" Happens to me every time I buy a new PC. ARGH!

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Who are you sources, we have heard before that there would not be a 2001, 2002, 2003, and now the 2004 model.
me thinks his source is the Psychic Hotline!

No different than any other flagship model. It is very likely we won't see any significant changes until the seventh year. They put a lot of money into R&D, making and testing the body, building the engine, etc. The market will continue to buy, so there is no reason for them to change anything, let alone drop the model.

Too many people start thinking that this bike falls into the 'racer-boy' liter bike class, where changes come every two years to please the 'flavor-of-the-month' crowd.