new guy saying hello

That is a really nice looking bike for the price! Great to have you as part of the Busa .org family. Can’t wait to see what personal touches you will add while making it your own!
Welcome this is Awesome unseen except photos 3500 looking that clean deal. Should be 6k straight up. There is a story there or a real need to sell.?
Darn I’m in Stuart would love another busa to ride with. Don’t see many Busas in DesMoines area. Saw a red one the other day lowered and streched. Wanted to think he was fast. Looked at him pointed at my turbo and he still wanted schooled so I did.
I almost never see any sport bikes in my neck of the woods. Mostly Harleys with a few metric cruisers thrown in the mix.

Hello , and welcome . Would like to take this time to warn you stay away from any thread posted by me . It could cost you some money on cool Hayabusa parts . Time installing them , and maybe a unhappy wife about your new hobby ;)
In that case I will read all your posts very carefully. My wife is already having a bad day today. When she woke up I was still breathing:shocked:


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