new guy saying hello

Joined a few days back after lurking for a while and thought it was time to do an intro of sorts.
I'm not currently a Busa owner but I am hoping to close the deal on one tomorrow morning. I've been without a scooter for a couple of years after selling my Harley, sometimes life just gets in the way. It's time to jump back into it and this is the ride I always really wanted so here I am. The only bad thing is that the riding season is just ending here in the midwest so if I get a bike soon I will have to spend the winter just looking at it:banghead:



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Welcome! What are the details on your soon to be new scoot?
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

Welcome! What are the details on your soon to be new scoot?
Below is the text from the add. 2003. The only problem is if I get it it will be a sight unseen purchase as I live about 1200 miles away and will have to have it shipped. It currently resides in the Phoenix area. Asking price is 3,600.

Text from add:
This is a great bike and ready to roll, nothing needed. The first owner was afraid of this bike and put only 1,000 miles on it, in the Los Angeles area. I am a mature rider and purchased this bike in 2005. I have always used it for sport touring. The bike has 28,850 miles. It has always been garaged and well taken care of. The bike has never been down, not even a tip over. The bike is Sonic Silver and Flint Gray. Two new Michelin tires and servicing 750 miles ago. Yoshimura RS-3 exhaust pipes. Frame sliders. Throttlemeister, heavy bar end, cruise control. Brand new battery. The yellow turn signal lenses have been changed to clear. A center stand has been added. High intensity head lights. Comes with 3 soft leggage bags plus a magnetic tank bag. 2 wind screens. There are 7 areas with touches of carbon fiber. Sorry, this is not a beginner bike.

Looks like a great deal and a well set up and tidy genuine bike, I'm sure you'll be happy when she arrives at your home, she'll also feel right at home too.
Let us all know when the Busa arrives so we can hear all about it lol.
About an hour east of you in Grinnell. Exit 182 on I-80.
Darn I’m in Stuart would love another busa to ride with. Don’t see many Busas in DesMoines area. Saw a red one the other day lowered and streched. Wanted to think he was fast. Looked at him pointed at my turbo and he still wanted schooled so I did.
That is a really nice looking bike for the price! Great to have you as part of the Busa .org family. Can’t wait to see what personal touches you will add while making it your own!

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