New GoPro on board tech advisor


After the ride yesterday and I looked at this video it seems I may have a bearing going bad. If you listen you can hearing a steady bump like at the slower speeds. ??? Have to check it out cause and the bike you can hear it at all. I even had it up on stands cleaning night before and even spinning the wheel nothing was heard. Not sure, have to dig in and see what's up with that. Makes you lose that warm fuzzy feeling hearing that. So I guess you can use the gopro as a on board technical advisor to spot problems before you see them. :laugh:

- YouTube[/url]

Also ever notice how much slower the speed seems on video ?


Are you referring to your rear pads cleaning your rotor
No, if you listen it was a distinct bump sound and not the slight rub you get from pad to rotor.

Someting ain`t right.

Ended up being a stretched link in the chain somehow ??? It was actually 1 2link section that somehow got to be what seemed to be a bit longer and when those teeth hit the sprocket it would actually have lets just say #1 and 3 pins sitting in teeth correctly and #2 pin would be pinched up a bit causing the bump when it released from sprocket and it would snatch the slack up. Very weird how the camera picked that up but it wasn't noticeable riding the bike. And just spinning wheel on stands you would've never caught it unless you were specifically looking for it.

Pulled everything, checked bearings and threw on a new chain and all seems good to go now. :thumbsup:

nice chaingaurd.
Thanks, it's actually a Harris carbon hugger/chain cover set-up.

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