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Well scooting around at 200 + mph look slike I need a new fuel regulator. i thought I may have had some problems when I put in the new fuel pump, but we worked out the problesm. I think the extreme heat toasted the regulator closed. I am going to put on a nice bright red Automotive Aerocharger 1:1 rising rate capable of 500hp capacity.
Man, how did you get that much heat on your regulator? Were you running the regulator that comes with the Hahn kit?

It always something with the turbos... :-)
Yes from the Hahn kit. I new it was not up to the new fuel pump but it was working. Not just turbo, anthing with high performance has to be kept up.
I had an aeromotive wear a hole in the diaphram within 12 mths , bit funny realy i was chasing a rich condition that seemed to get worse everytime i adjusted the fueling, till it became very obvious as the bike stopped running and fuel ran out of the airfilter .
Aeromotive supplied replacement diaphram and spare at reasonable cost but i still put a bosch reg in the bike i just converted from fmu to secondarys.
Well Done, what kind of secondary system are you running? I am in the market for one myself, have been considering going with Bill Hahn Jr's portfueler. Any advice on this?
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didn't notice that

Gerge i like the pics of the port fueler , be interesting to get a report from someone using one.

I build my own secondary systems, similar to others , used RCC injector wells in the last 2 but have since found some 45mm long injectors (70mm is usual)that will be less intrusive to the air intake and will have to make my own again. microtech controler on one and a Tuneboy(a friend builds these and i test prototypes ) on the other also have a Haltech to try.