New england riders wanted


Hey Ninja, Jetset and all you other New England Busa riders. Lets all get together one of these weekends and gop for a ride . Maybe we could take a ride to the New England dragway and see how the bikes go . I dont know any ideas I dont see any other Busas around here in Maine . It would be a great get together maybe a ride through the NH mountains. We could meet wherever .
It sounds good to me i'm trying to get up there soon.This month is a little tight.Set up a date and I'll do my best to make it.

8/10 works for me I can find that place in Scarborough that you go to if you give me the name again we could all meet there How about you Jet
Still waiting for comformation from CM Performance, if not I will meet you somewhere.

CM Performance
62 Mussey Road
Scarborough, ME 04074